Santa Tracker

Collections 2019

Mon 02 Dec – Brampton
Tue 03 Dec – Godmanchester
Wed 04 Dec – Stukeley Meadows
Thu 05 Dec – Buckden
Mon 09 Dec – Brampton
Tue 10 Dec – Papworth
^ This round is not being run by Round Table

Wed 11 Dec – Sawtry
This round is not being run by Round Table
Thurs 12 Dec – The Oxmoor
New round – main roads only

Sun 15 Dec – Wyton Hill | Houghton & Wyton
This round starts at 4pm
Mon 16 Dec– Hinchingbrooke
Tue 17 Dec – Hartford
Wed 18 Dec – Sawtry
This round is not being run by Round Table
Thu 19 Dec – Godmanchester



Please note that all rounds are 6:30pm – 8:30pm unless otherwise stated.


Unfortunately, due to reduced support over the last few years, we have found it harder and harder to sustain the number of rounds we do. This has meant that our members have had to make the very difficult decision to drop some of our regular rounds. While we know this will be very disappointing, this decision was not made lightly and please understand that the Round Table Christmas Santa charity collections are run entirely by kind volunteers from Round Table, Ladies Circle and community groups, many of whom are parents who give up evenings at home with their family to bring Santa out in the cold in what little spare time they have available.


While we endeavour to cover as much area as possible during our Christmas rounds and understand it is disappointing when we are unable to complete an area, we are limited by the number of helpers we have and council licensing constraints. This means some of our rounds will focus on the main roads only to ensure we cover as much area as possible within our strict time limitations. However, we urge those of you close by to come to the end of your roads to see Santa if you are physically able to.


We will post details of the roads we intend to come down just on the day of each round on our Facebook page and if we’re unable to cover a road, we find some people come and find us en route – we urge you to do the same as we hate to disappoint any little ones.


We will be live tracking our rounds and you can follow Santa above.


We do hope to increase support for future years. Of course, if you’re interested in joining and supporting Round Table or Ladies Circle, please visit our Facebook pages for more information. To offer support on any of our rounds, please email